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Highly reliable Products Procurement and Sales

Karmel offers customers highly reliable EEE (Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical) products for various applications, including commercial electronics, automobiles, avionics systems, munitions, and satellites. Each application requires a different level of quality and reliablity, and Karmel offers its own highly reliable products to meet these requirements. In addition, Karmel offers procurement services that include sourcing suitable components and parts, handling export license (EL) issues, negotiating purchasing prices, managing logistics, and ensuring timely delivery to support customers’ success in their missions.

If  a vendor wants to sell their own products globally or in a specific market, Karmel also provides sales services to assist them in this process.


Karmel Technologies Inc. has provided highly reliable solutions to consumer, defense, and space industries over 20 years. We believe the future of human being is in the universe. Our mission is to bring human being to the frontier of limitless universe.

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